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To introduce meditation in your workplace



Performance and Wellbeing.

Change the habit patterns of the mind. These scientific and evidence-based methods help instil useful mental habits that optimise individual and team performance.

Today’s employees and managers are forced to deal with an unprecedented amount of information and distraction. It is reducing attention spans.

If it’s not emails, texts, and instant messaging, then it’s phone calls, co-workers, and constantly changing demands and deadlines. Basex research found that 50 percent of a knowledge worker’s day is spent “managing information” and that an excess of information results in “a loss of ability to make decisions, process information, and prioritise tasks.”

In a modern world that values activity, achievements and results, it is perhaps surprising that more people and organisations are turning to meditation. For all the activity of modern society, many still feel a fundamental need for silence, inner peace, and clarity. Meditation can reduce stress and help us relax; but, it can also give us a lot more.

These are some of the benefits that meditation can give your employees:

– Improved cognitive function – better concentration, memory & learning ability

– Reduced costs of staff absenteeism caused by stress

– Improved productivity and overall staff wellbeing

– Awareness/Mindfulness of staff

– Enhanced employee job satisfaction

– A visible and tangible Corporate Responsibility stance



Is it right for your team?


All sessions are practical. Participants learn by experiencing it for themselves. Education is a big part of our internal process and we place a strong emphasis on sustainable lesson plans.  They will ultimately help improve the happiness and performance levels of those who partake.

Clients recognise that by having a calmer and clearer mind, they will feel better and be more productive. If you choose to experience it with your team, please promote it to everyone and encourage them to participate. They will all learn a new skill that helps to improve the quality of their life and those around them.

Onsite programs, conferences and events are available before, during and after business hours.

The Vision


Mr Meditate helps organisations create and maintain positive workplace cultures, fostering greater productivity, enhanced individual performance, and ultimately producing considerable increases in profit for businesses.

1. Corporate Programs (see also Pilot Programs)

Specialising in increasing productivity and wellbeing of employees, Mr Meditate helps organisations transform their business culture. By employing these strategies, successful companies aim to help individuals reach their potential by teaching them practices which will assist their day to day functioning. When employees are happier at work, they are more engaged, affable and ready to take on any challenges they may face in the office. These enable corporate objectives to be realised faster as employees are able to do more in less time.

Mr Meditate teaches the strategies used by Google, Facebook and Twitter. We show how cutting edge, revolutionary practices enable employees to achieve and sustain top performance while reducing stress levels and improving overall wellbeing. Mental Health, the highest growing medical concern, is addressed and skills are taught to maintain and improve it.

Research is first conducted to understand the areas that an organisation wishes to improve. According to these responses, programs are tailored to suit particular business needs.

DURATION 30 / 60 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes
CONTENT Introduction to the Calm, Focused and Clear method of meditation; how it works & why, instructions & practice, and implementation tips. This experiential workshop introduces a new, generative type of thinking that consciously and deliberately accelerates the pace at which an individual or group thinks, creates, solves and acts. Meditation is introduced as a productivity tool – “Speeding up by slowing down”. A pratical workshop where your team will learn and practice strategies to master their loud, chatty and wandering minds. A tool to help them improve cognitive function – better concentration, memory & learning ability.
RESULT Learn a new skill, be able to practice it for free, gain new insights about dealing with challenges. Acquire 2 techniques to improve individual & team wellbeing and productivity. Be able to practice on your own and know how to generate ideas in any time-pressure situation. Gain insights about dealing with challenges and learn how to look after the most precious and valuable resource, the mind. Being able to stay focused, think imaginatively and de-stress quickly.
DURATION 5 Weeks 8 Weeks 4 Weeks
CONTENT Weekly 30-60min sessions introducing the physiology of meditation, understanding what happens and changes by practicing multiple techniques. Weekly 30-60 min sessions deepen understanding and explore the principles about how and why it works. Tips on dealing with problems, distractions & expectations, Q&A opportunities. This 20 day course of 30 min sessions explores the science behind meditation, the development of a habit for long term benefits, making better decisions and improving long term memory. Case studies are presented showcasing how profits and meditation are partners in the new business economy.
RESULT Increased grey matter in areas associated with learning, memory and emotion regulation. Momentum of practice and insights to a new way of working. Habit creation and enhanced business performance by developing skills for: emotional intelligence, resilience and clear thinking. Positive and scientifically proven changes in the brain. Significantly developing calm, focus, clarity and energy to accomplish tasks ahead. Increased productivity & wellbeing, better day to day functioning, long term habit development and more profitable decision making

NB: Other options are available including programs, sales training and business culture transformation (see also Pilot Programs).

2. Induction and promotion skills training

Mr Meditate helps make the induction process more effective to ensure that employees become productive more quickly. We teach skills that assist in raising focus, improving concentration and reducing stress. These abilities help new employees settle into organisations faster and are able to contribute more effectively to your team.

Promoting an employee to a particular position assumes added responsibilities and usually greater pressures. Mr Meditate teaches strategies as implemented by the world’s top organisations. Their employees are able to deal with extra pressure and accountability in a balanced and more objective way.

3. Conferences, retreats and events

Developing strategies, solving problems, launching products and exchanging information are the common reasons for running these types of exercises. Mr Meditate adds value by running team-building exercises to raise people’s morale and to encourage effective communication amongst employees.

When companies undergo large operational changes, it is important to ensure that teams are onside and contribute as part of the process. It is an excellent platform to share results of new studies and to keep all professionals updated. We incorporate meditation for greater focus and concentration; and speed thinking to accelerate learning and idea generation.

4. Weekend Escapes (Melbourne Only)

To encourage employees to take time out of their busy lives to recharge and rejuvenate, Mr Meditate runs weekends in the beautiful surroundings of Daylesford. Situated in the heart of Victoria’s spa country, the weekend is run with small, intimate groups, structured to move individuals towards optimal wellness. It will help achieve and maintain balance in their lives and to be happier and healthier.

Activities have been designed to help people relax and unwind so that they leave energised and refreshed. Activities include: Meditation, laughter yoga, guided walks, organic body massages and healing baths in a natural blend of detoxing minerals specific for individual needs.



Where to from here?

Set your team up for success. Whether you start small or go all out, just start. The regularity of practice, is the key to success.

Look towards the long term alleviation of stress and anxiety in your workplace by teaching scientifically proven techniques to help improve productivity and drive creativity. Mr Meditate places a great emphasis on enabling employees to practice and incorporate these strategies into their daily routine so that they can benefit long after their experience with our instructors.

“The main business case for meditation is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people.”

– William George, Goldman Sachs Board Member

 Create Optimum Performance

If you are seriously thinking of raising your business standards to new heights, then here is your opportunity to transform your business culture

Be an early adopter. Reach out to explore ways to transform your business culture.

Out of this stillness, comes the inner calm, focus and clarity to ‘better’ accomplish the tasks ahead.

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Law Institute Victoria (Journal) – June 2017

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Law Institute Victoria (Journal) – August 2016

To introduce meditation in your workplace



Introducing positive, practical, achievable and scientifically proven technique which create optimal performance and wellbeing.


  • Dealing with presure, ups and downs, always being on & information overload
  • Experiencial learning of a framework for a healthier and less distracted mind
  • Accelerated problem solving – a method to think, create, solve and act in any time pressured situation


  • Equipped with skills – for better cognitive functioning & performance
  • Methods to problem solve and create solutions in a short period of time


Developing calm, focus and clarity impacts work performance. A framework is introduced to cultivate these qualities to accomplish more in less time.


  • Insight into stress and uncertainty – from blind reaction to mindful response
  • De-cluttering the mind – how to create space in the mind and keep it calm
  • Evidence based methods – changes in the brain for better performance


  • Improved decision making – ability to implement these methods into daily life
  • Clearer thinking – for innovation and idea generation


Achieving desired business outcomes through employee wellbeing, productivity and purpose-driven and lead performance.


  • Why mindfulness – its impact on people, leaders and workplace culture
  • Case studies – of organisations who have successfully implemented the strategies
  • Transforming business from the inside out; using counter intuitive methods


  • How profits and meditation are partners in the new business economy
  • Understand the stages involved in implementing company wide programs


Fun and uplifting exercises to energise the audience. Laughter is initiated as an exercise in a group to increase confidence & communication skills. The best medicine


  • Unique exercises to promote & support physical, emotional and mental health
  • Unwind stress & uplift joy – releasing tension and fending off pessimism
  • Short-circuit thinking into presence


  • Wellbeing – in a contagious & fun way
  • Induced optimism – people who laugh together, work better together
  • Fake it until you make it — ha ha ha!