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Starting May 1st – 31st

Meditation – Weekdays in May

InChairYoga – Mon/Wed/Fri
(no lycra necessary)

NAB Village
700 Bourke St, Docklands
(concourse level)

All Welcome.

Eventbrite - Mindful In May with Mr Meditate @TheVillage NAB

In office team programs also available. Please contact us for details.

Why should I attend?

To learn and practice a ‘Meta’ skill that improves everything else. Not only will you train positive mental habits that nurture you, you will learn InChairYoga poses to sit more comfortably and release unwanted tension. You will be taught techniques so you don’t create that tension in the first place.

What will the Mindful In May program cover?

This program will introduce a range of exercises that you will have the opportunity to learn and practice in each session. It will give you the tools required to re-train your brain for an enhanced and more aware life experience.

You will be introduced to InChairYoga sequences and be able to use them anywhere you sit – at your desk, at home…in a restaurant.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, come as you are. You will learn how to practice any time, anywhere in your work clothes.

Sessions will be facilitated in chairs, similar to your work environment.

When are the sessions?

For the meditation, sessions run each day from 8.00-8.30am each weekday. The InChairYoga will be from 7.30-8.00am on Mon/Wed/Fri.

If your organisation wants to run its own program, reach out and we’ll organise it.

Who will be facilitating this program?

The main facilitator will be Tomas Jajesnica, Chief Meditation Officer. He is a meditation expert who has worked in the corporate environment and been in your shoes – busy, pressured and overloaded with information. Having learnt a better way of working, Tomas has a very practical and pragmatic style.

There will be a several other Corporate Based Meditation Instructors facilitating a few of the sessions.

The InChairYoga facilitator is Wallis Murphy-Munn from our friends at Flexibilis. Wallis have been practising yoga since she was a teenager, working on balance – keeping her mind and body flexible, open and calm.

These sequences have been designed with you in mind – making the methods implementable during and after the sessions.

What can I expect to achieve from this campaign?

The ‘Mindful In May’ campaign challenge is designed to help you develop in the practice of techniques that help you be more calm, focused and clear.

You will create positive, practical and achievable habits that help the mind to be happier, healthier and less distracted.

Over time (and with practice), your decision making abilities will improve and you will be able to do more in less time. You will develop the skills to create more space in the mind for clear thinking and creativity.

The InChairYoga series will show you ways to sit with more comfort at your desk to maintain sharper focus.

What others say…

“When the whirlwind of work captures me, the last thing I think I have time for is meditation. No, I’ll just finish this, and I’ll skip lunch, and I’ll stay back – none of which helps. Meditation provides the reset that I need to smooth my day and my thinking, to stop reacting and start pro-acting. If you think you haven’t got time, you’re thinking too much.”

Shane McClung – Analyst, Advice Services, NAB

“I have a very demanding job, plus two small children, and the meditation techniques I learned from Mr Meditate have really transformed my life. I am much better able to stay focused at work, to manage my anxiety levels, and to juggle the work/family balance with more energy and purpose. I can’t say enough good things about Mr Meditate and the work they do.”

– Chantale, National Learning and Development Manager

Further Questions?

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss workplace programs, contact us and we’ll respond quickly.

Eventbrite - Mindful In May with Mr Meditate @TheVillage NAB