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Tomka Thoday

Tomka Thoday

Wellness Officer

Mr Meditate’s Wellness Officer Tomka Thoday, creates and implements strategies that increase workforce performance, retention and the overall wellbeing of business teams.

Tomka has been a meditator for over ten years which has enabled her to achieve more stillness and calm within and encourages others to do the same. Currently qualifying as a meditation instructor, Tomka has a keen interest in Nutritional Medicine, studying it at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. She is a Reiki Practitioner and combines various techniques including breathing, meditation and nutrition to assist with relaxation and health.

Tomka’s vision is to provide holistic health practices to assist in the overall wellbeing of individuals and teams alike.  Her unique coaching style encourages participants to discover their own wellness journey to slow down, calm down and live a life in harmony with their mind, body and soul!

Mr Meditate is really lucky to have Tomka on the team.