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By visiting this page, there is something that you’re looking to improve or reduce in your life.

This program works in 3 stages:

  1. Mastery of the mind – training concentration and attention

  2. Mindfulness – for more awareness in daily life

  3. Wisdom – through the experience of practice

It is experiential learning to deepen your understanding and experience of meditation as a performance tool, and naturally for wellbeing too.

Designed for busy, pressured and information overloaded employees; at all levels. Sessions are tailored to suit you and what you’re looking to achieve. Program objectives are set at the beginning and the work commences when you’re ready.

This process will help you make incremental improvements and will create new and positive mental health traits. Things like stress, agitation or lack of sleep; start to diminish and are naturally replaced by their positive equivalents.

Meditation is a meta-skill…one that improves all other skills.

Give it a proper trial, and see for yourself.

Consultations are customised to help you look after your precious and valuable resource, your mind.

To apply, please contact us with the following:

* Areas of improvement sought
* Your experience with meditation
* Any other relevant information

And remember your intention of considering this practice. Knowing it will help you meditate better and more often, as motivation waxes and wanes.

Do today, what pays off tomorrow.