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To introduce meditation in your workplace


Mr Meditate was founded in 2012 because of the growing amounts of depression in the workplace.


Being meditators and wanting to help, the organisation offers to teach a very simple and universal meditation technique that tackles this problem. Mr Meditate launched in San Francisco, California, one of the world’s most progressive and forward thinking cities.

More than ever before, mental health has become of growing concern in society and the workplace. There is stress from all sorts of pressures and we build a whole culture around hiding from it, pretending it is not there, and distracting ourselves with goals, projects and concerns about status.

We get stuck in the ‘if only’ syndrome. If I had more money, then I would be happy. If only I could find someone who really loved me; if only I could lose 20 kilos and on and on forever. What meditation helps to discover is that we are already happy and we just need to slow down to realise it. Traditional psychotherapy and prescription pills are one of the best known recourses for people to resort to.

A quick fix prescribed by medical doctors and pharmacists or a long process of therapy. More and more, natural therapies and alternative medicines are being sought after. Meditation is one of these and has been proven to work over millennia.

According to many, meditation is the best self-development thing you can do. It is very simple, though not necessarily easy. It takes time and it takes energy. It also takes grit, determination and discipline. It requires a host of personal qualities that we normally regard as unpleasant and like to avoid whenever possible.

“More and more, natural therapies and alternative medicines are being sought after.”

To introduce meditation in your workplace


“Nothing makes me happy”

Tomas Jajesnica, Chief Meditation Officer.


As a teenager, thinking that money makes people happy, I had the privilege of meeting several multi-millionaires. Many of them were abundant and happy, while others miserable. I couldn’t understand why. They had everything that I ever dreamt of…sports cars, mansions, state of the art technology, designer wardrobes and so on. What I came to realise is that possessions can and do make you happy, though only for the short term. But what happens in the long term?

Having immersed myself in the world of self-development and sitting 10-day silent meditation courses every year since 2002, I learnt that nothing makes me happy! No-thing can make me happy. It’s because we all already are happy! It’s our state of mind that stops us thinking we are. All this thinking about the past and future combined with cravings and aversion contributes to this unhappiness. When we slow down and are actually being present, we access the things we desire most as humans beings: love, happiness, peace of mind, freedom and truth. This is what one experiences more and more through meditation. A training of the mind to be present.

In 2012, I had an epiphany. Working for the legal profession in Melbourne, I learnt it was the most depressed profession, overtaking dentists who held top spot for years. I couldn’t believe it. How can such an intelligent, highly paid and highly regarded profession be most depressed? Investigating this further, I understood why and decided to do something about it.

“This is how the idea that is Mr Meditate started to develop.”

To have the most impact, I facilitate sessions, workshops programs and courses in workplaces, at events and at speaking engagements. Having been admitted to the International Academy of Meditation Instructors (IAMI) as a Certified Meditation Instructor (C.MI), a Certified Meditation Teacher (C.MT) and Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer, I travel the world helping employees create optimum performance.

The best part is that these strategies are so simple to apply. They are universal. It doesn’t necessarily make them easy. Once learnt, they can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime and for free. However, the only way to really benefit from meditation; is to learn to do it right, and do it consistently. The continuity of practice is the secret to success.

The purpose of meditation is radical and permanent transformation of your entire sensory and cognitive experience. Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.

Be Happy!

To introduce meditation in your workplace