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Breathe…as if your life depends on it.

Breathe…as if your life depends on it.
May 15, 2016 Nick Gati

Did you know that you breathe around 23,000 times a day?

How many of them are you aware of? Not many right! The breath is your best friend. It is always with you. After all, without it, there is no life. It is a wonderful gauge of your current state and a great indicator of your stress levels too. If your breath is fast and short, there will more than likely be some tension. If it is long and deep, the mind and body are probably relaxed.

By meditating, you’re drawing attention to the present moment through witnessing the breath objectively. This provides you with information about your your thoughts and feelings – and your reactions to them.

The more breaths you are aware of during the day, the better. It helps you to become more aware. When you return your focus, you’re training attention; enhancing your cognitive abilities and suspending mind wandering.


  • The breath is a reliable guide to your true inner state
  • Each time you meditate, you’re developing grey matter density in the brain. This simultaneously grows the pre-frontal cortex (increasing memory, concentration, happiness), while shrinking the amygdala (decreasing stress response).
  • With consistent practice and over time, you become more present-minded, less reactive and calmer during the busy workday.

It takes persistence and determination, but by focusing attention you’re allowing the mind to settle and creating space for new ideas and innovation.

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