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Build Your Mental Resources

Build Your Mental Resources
March 28, 2016 Nick Gati

There are a myriad of benefits from meditation – many of which are long-lasting and profoundly effective in the workplace. By introducing practical techniques, you develop the ability to broaden your awareness and build your mental resources –critical for productivity, improving mental health and developing your cognitive arsenal.

Broadened awareness – to create a state of free-flow, your mind needs the space and clarity to welcome new information, be in tune, balanced and attentive to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

When your awareness increases;

Your concentration improves – through training attention, you become more present, alert and focused – out of projection into the future and rumination of the past. This allows you to remain on task, build momentum and drives you to get things done.

You’re more open – you’re able to see patterns emerging, situations unfolding and new opportunities for personal and professional growth. You’re welcoming of new knowledge and become more readily able to identify possibilities, blind spots and unique ideas.

Anxiety reduces – through slowing down and developing your abilities of observation, you have a better perspective of the negative thoughts and emotions that prohibit you. Through short-circuiting the mind and gearing it into the here and now, you encounter a direct experience of the world; engaged and undeterred by thought.

You’re more in sync with others – one of the biggest effects of meditation is cultivating emotional intelligence – in tune with the strengths, weaknesses and personal proclivities of your co-workers. This empathic lens creates deeper connections, stimulating greater teamwork and increased resonance among co-workers.

Build cognitive resources – Meditation produces neuroplastic adaptations, increasing grey-matter and prompting lasting changes in your neural circuitry.

These components include;

Memory – moment-to-moment awareness allows your mind to organise and prioritise important information and filter out the mental clutter. Moments are savoured for longer, which enhances their propensity for recollection

Problem solving – new solutions cannot come to light when the mind is busy; they emerge when the mind is still. As thoughts settle, your mind becomes stiller and you create the clarity needed for creativity and innovation.

Resilience – As your mind cycles through the panoply of thoughts, you become accustomed to dealing with negative feelings and emotions. This trains the mind to become more balanced and able to deal with any obstacles, setbacks or challenges elegantly; and with greater peace-of-mind.

Emotional regulation – through directly witnessing thoughts and emotions sifting through your periphery, you’re creating the positive habit of objectivity. When you see emotions directly and non-judgementally, they become removed from the reactivity and hyper-stimulation that impairs thinking, impels stress and impedes performance.

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