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Calm is contagious

Calm is contagious
May 15, 2017 mmadmin

This photo was  taken in Queenstown, NZ over the weekend as I had the privilege of experiencing the beauty and vastness of Doubtful Sound. Being the only boat on there, allowed us to realise the deep calm that exists.

In our rush of our busy daily lives, we often forget the basics i.e. breathing. And yet breathing is a wonderful gauge as to our state. Short, fast breathing often indicates the presence of tension whilst long, calm breathing – a more relaxed state.

On average, as humans, we breath every 3.75 seconds. That’s equivalent to between 18,000-23,000 breaths each day. How many breaths are you aware of? Keeping about 20-25% of your attention on your breath and 75% of your attention on what’s happening keeps you anchored in the present. It is a great ‘self-regulation’ method.

Perhaps you’re a world conquering machine with elite focus, but you might need to ‘chill-out’ for a few minutes each day, before you ‘burn-out’. And meditation is, without rival, the best method to help you develop more inner calm, focus and clarity. And once these develop, the quality of your life is enhanced.

Your decision making improves, you are able to get more done in less time; and not only do you have clearer thinking, you also create space in the mind for new ideas to come in – those ‘aha’ moments.

Keep in mind that as you become calm, you not only impact yourself; you impact all of the people that are in contact with you. Calm is contagious. Consider the opposite. What methods do you use to be calm?



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