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Atmosphere | Focus | Engagement

Create an environment where the minds of delegates remain alert, and for longer; making it more productive and efficient for all stakeholders.

Whether you organisation is developing strategies, solving problems, launching products or exchanging information, it is important to make best use of this precious time.

Conferences are the perfect opportunity to introduce and benefit from these methods.

Wellbeing | Team-building | Creativity

Out of necessity, corporate wellness trends at conferences are peaking. Keeping delegates well throughout events, helps for better retention of information; and its application afterwards.

These methods also help to create space in the mind for new ideas and innovation to come in.

Positive | Practical | Experiential

Mr Meditate adds value by running team-building exercises to raise people’s morale and to encourage effective communication amongst employees.

When companies undergo large operational changes, it is important to ensure that teams are onside and contribute as part of the process. It is an excellent platform to share results of new studies and to keep all professionals updated. We incorporate meditation for greater focus and concentration; and speed thinking to accelerate learning and idea generation.


Start of dayRaise focus, concentration, presence

Middle – Energy renewal, better information processing, alertness

End of day – Information retention, delegates leave more refreshed


Mr Meditate loves to travel and has facilitated in USA, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Poland, New Zealand, Colombia and many places around the world.

“Thank you so much for coming to our 500 pax event. People appreciated the time taken to do something for themselves and start the day centred and focused.”

– Anna, Performance and Operations Manager, National Australia Bank

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