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Creating Flow: From Thinking To Awareness

Creating Flow: From Thinking To Awareness
October 17, 2016 Nick Gati

Flow is the mid-point between boredom and anxiety – the navigation of the day’s ups and downs, out of thought and into the present. It arises and passes, but doesn’t linger unless it is trained.

Without experiencing flow, employees are prone to disengagement, which affects productivity and happiness levels.

Boredom is corrosive

Energy is sapped, creativity slows and productivity wanes, as employees watch the clock and work on autopilot. This mental entropy is contagious in the office environment.

Anxiety has similarly paralysing effects, as stressed workers anticipate unlikely dangers, overthink situations and allow their minds to fill with mental clutter.

When the mind is in free-flow, it is able to harness brain activity and use it constructively. There is an impetus to be productive; but without the underlying mental tension.

Entering a state of free-flow requires patient practice and meditation is the best strategy for creating ultimate experience.

Meditation –

Provides internal feedback – By watching your thoughts, you develop a deep, intricate understanding of yourself – insights, triggers and your relationship with your external environment.

Develops awareness – The mind stills and stabilises, allowing more information to sift through the periphery. Memory increases, decision-making improves and new ideas and solutions arise.

Induces happiness – When in the present, the brain returns to its default mode, which is happiness. Happy employees are more positive, resilient and uplift the spirits of those they come in contact with.

Gives order to thoughts – Distracted minds jumble information, focus on real or imaginary pain, and fixate on past events. The thoughts cycle and eventually start to spiral, taking you out of reality. Through training attention, you get a clearer picture of your mental patterns. Once they are identified, they can be corrected.

In flow, your experience is optimised. You’re in the here and now and able to negotiate the daily deluge of work tasks with a sense of calm, focus and clarity.

You’re more in control of your internal reactions, more in sync with your emotions and have more mental alertness to get things done.

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