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Creating Optimum Performance

Creating Optimum Performance
October 15, 2015 mmadmin

…for YOU, your team…your organisation.

The focus has, for obvious reasons, been on Wellbeing. As of right now, a greater focus will be placed on Training and Development. Not only does it have bigger budgets for a greater scope of implementation, it positions meditation as a tool and skill essential for optimum performance. That’s why the Googles, Apples and Facebook’s, and their leaders, practice it. This is the opportunity for culture transformation. Those who embrace it fastest, will benefit quickest. Profits and Meditation are partners in the new business economy. Out of this stillness, comes the calm, focus and clarity, to better accomplish the tasks ahead. Organise a session and bring your (and your teams) scepticism along…I encourage it; and experience what this is all about.

By the way, we also have a ‘guaranteed to laugh’ policy on all 30 minute laughter sessions! So much fun for groups of all sizes in the office and at functions (i.e Xmas parties) because: laughter is the best medicine!

This is good for both: people and business bottom lines. And anything that is good for both, will spread like wildfire. It already is.  


                 Tomas Jajesnica, Chief Meditation Officer, Mr Meditate


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