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EOFY: spend your remaining budget before it disappears.

EOFY: spend your remaining budget before it disappears.
June 8, 2017 mmadmin

The EOFY is fast approaching and if by some miracle you have money left over, here is something to consider.

The following methods are Good for both: People & Business bottom lines. And anything that is good for both, will spread like wildfire (it already is).

These once hippy or Buddhist practices are being taught in the corporate world in a secular fashion. Over 9,000 papers (and counting) have been written on this subject. Meditation is now a scientific and evidence-based method for optimising individual and team performance.

Profits and meditation are partners in the new business economy.

Just ask Google, Facebook or SAP. Out of this stillness, comes the inner calm, focus and clarity to better accomplish the tasks ahead.

It is forming part of employee training and L&D because decision making improves, more is done in less time and there is more space in the mind for new ideas and innovation; which every organisation needs.

Any wellbeing program is incomplete without meditation. Not only is it the best stress buster that exists; consider that physical health is pretty useless without mental health. And the latter is the highest growing medical concern. All those ‘invisible’ injuries are costing our economy billions.

So what I am suggesting is a positive, practical, achievable and scientifically proven way that helps the mind be happier, healthier and less distracted.

It’s EOFY budget time – If you NEED to spend remaining training or wellbeing budget, reach out to explore initiatives that are transforming business cultures.

Connect with us here and yes, we take prepayment for work to be completed in FY17/18. Invest in your staff, they look after your customers.



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