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From Distraction To Focus: Mind-Setting

From Distraction To Focus: Mind-Setting
November 27, 2016 Nick Gati

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”- Buddha.

Re-directing attention and giving the mind an opportunity to settle is imperative. During the day, the mind inadvertently becomes cluttered. New information comes in, new ideas circulate and unconscious thought patterns form.

There is an old adage that says’ a fast mind is dangerous – a still mind is divine.’ Fast minds disrupt workflow and hamper personal productivity; the more thoughts circulate, the more opportunity for distraction. Almost as soon as focus is returned, another thought captures attention.

These push/pull mechanisms affect personal productivity and create agitation. Once the mind is distracted, other aspects of work performance are compromised. Energy is sapped, concentration dwindles, happiness dissipates and stress arises. This is why the mind needs a daily refresher.  


Re-setting the mind, taking it out of thought and bringing it back into awareness is the best way of creating optimal work experiences.

Employees are clearer, more engaged, and able to negotiate the days up and downs as they come. They are less prone to lapses in concentration and are more effortful, having the impetus to get things done without succumbing to stress.

Having the opportunity to slow down and stabilise the mind is empowering. It allows employees to understand the workings of their mind while simultaneously enhancing their ability to control it.

Between stimulus and response

Not only can reactions be witnessed, they can be altered. If the mind is loud, it can be quietened. There is an opportunity to direct the inner world, but it requires awareness and balance – out of reaction and hyper-stimulation.

Your concentrative abilities also shape your reality. You’re more in control, flexible, thoughtful, and introspective when you create the necessary space; unfettered by the revolving roster of thoughts – disordered and disoriented.

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