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Gaining an Objective Perspective

Gaining an Objective Perspective
August 14, 2016 Nick Gati

Each moment is unique and another opportunity to invest in, savour and gain a new perspective. The only way to be attuned to the present is to practice being a witness to it – and the most functional means is through meditation. This is because meditation directly trains attention and gives you the objectivity to watch your true state without distraction from the external world.

It also gives rise to optimal experience; in free-flow and out of projection and rumination. Creating optimal experience for employees is imperative and engagement is the key. When you’re in a state of free-flow, your mind is more receptive to information, thinks more broadly and critically and feels a sense of clarity and precision.

All these benefits can be enjoyed, but they have to be cultivated. The only way to develop these skills is with patient and persistent practice; creating and nurturing it, so it becomes a habit. When those habits become routine, progress is made.

Not only are employees more focused and more productive, they are happier and healthier. Those who meditate have greater resilience, find it easier to navigate the day’s ups and downs and feel detached from any corrosive thoughts. Similarly, those who meditate can more easily tune into the helpful thoughts – the tiny engines that impel performance.

From this, it is clear that meditation is good for both; people and business bottom lines. And anything that is good for both will spread like wildfire. It already is.

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