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Get Your Brain Back Into Balance

Get Your Brain Back Into Balance
December 8, 2015 Nick Gati


“We seldom succeed in laying claim to lasting equilibrium, traversing our lives like stubbornly listing ships on choppy seas” – Alain de Botton

It can be tough to manage the absurdities of modern life and it can be easy to fall into the trap of being lead by your mind – moods’ shifting with each up and down that is thrown your way.

We crave blissful feelings and hope to do away with despondent, caustic thoughts, but it is when we are in the present that we are truly happy.

The reality is, we can’t have one without the other. And both are underpinned by the same conclusion – eventually those feelings will change.

As you meditate, you turn the lens back upon those thoughts and watch as they sift through your periphery – both good AND bad.

This stabilises and stills the mind to become less reactive, sharper and geared into the present; out of your thinking mind and into a direct experience of the world.

Discover how to balance the mind for more calm, focus and clarity.


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