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Growing Awareness: A Vitalised Mind

Growing Awareness: A Vitalised Mind
June 15, 2016 Nick Gati

Sustaining attention is pivotal for your personal and professional development. By increasing moment-to-moment awareness, your perspective broadens, you build your internal resources and you create longer streams of clarity and focus.

Training your mind is the taproot of awareness – unearthing your full spectrum of capabilities by becoming more in tune with your mental functioning. This moves subconscious thought into the spotlight; making it easier to understand, accept and monitor your neurological behaviour. It’s like watching your mind under a microscope.

Once thoughts are acknowledged they can be –

Expanded – new ideas form, patterns are recognised and adaptations made
Left – watched objectively and elegantly
Challenged – testing their accuracy and responding accordingly

Developing awareness also has its practical purposes. In the work environment, your mind is your most precious resource and needs constant maintenance to work at its optimum.

When you’re more attentive, you can more easily recognise bad habits – when you’re distracted, bored or agitated, your productivity, concentration and motivation begin to slip. Having moment-to-moment awareness allows you to stay in the present, be observant and be attuned to any corrosive thought patterns.

The subconscious mind is prone to autosuggestion – your brain is malleable and sensitive to new information arising and passing through it, and once thoughts take root they become embedded in the neural architecture. This is why it is essential to expand awareness and act as a gatekeeper – thinking positively, critically and effectively.

Your mind guides and inspires – It is the best device you have, giving you the power to negotiate the external world skilfully and artfully. It is responsible for your feelings, emotions and resilience complex, and when trained, provides you with new solutions, which enhance your ability to navigate the physical world.

To develop and sustain awareness, meditation needs to be integrated into your daily routine and as little as five minutes a day is a perfect opportunity to create the calm, focus and clarity to build those mental resources.

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