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Growing Awareness: Between Stimulus & Response

Growing Awareness: Between Stimulus & Response
September 4, 2016 Nick Gati

“Attention is an act of will, against the inertia of our own minds” – Scott Peck

The way you interact with the external world is dictated by your relationship to your brain. The more in tune you are with your thinking, the greater your propensity to use your thoughts effectively and intuitively.

Your brain is conditioned to hyper-reactivity; responding to stimulation emotionally and irrationally. This is due to our thousand year old limbic dominated crocodilian brain. It is therefore worth taking an opportunity to step away from these feelings and witness them objectively.

Emotions direct and override your experience – when you’re happy you want those feelings to linger and when you’re sad you actively try to them.

As you begin to meditate, you start to quieten the mind and become more balanced, less reactive; creating more moments to alter impeding thoughts. This is because by training attention, you’re increasing your focus to the present.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

The more you identify poor habit patterns of the mind, the greater space there is to impose positivity, rationality and optimism in your day-to-day. By injecting these constructive reactions, you become more resilient, less frazzled and more open-minded.

Through stilling the mind, your are developing clarity at the same time. You can more easily take a step-back, be more present, free-flowing and out of negative thought. Not only that, you’re able to see when others are experiencing similar challenges, become more empathetic and less judgmental while you’re in (and out of) the office.

This leads to internal growth and liberates you from thought. You feel freer, lighter and become more jovial more often. Those positive emotions drive your performance, acting as tiny engines that boost energy, rejuvenate you and give you the impetus to get things done.

When you increase your emotional regulation, you develop your total work capacity; subsequently improving your decision-making, problem solving and creative abilities.

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