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Growing Awareness: Eliminating Anxiety

Growing Awareness: Eliminating Anxiety
September 18, 2016 Nick Gati

We seldom allow ourselves to retreat from the pressures of the day. Instead, we prefer to power through without managing the daily deluge of thoughts – projecting, ruminating and looping through the periphery.

Trying to stop the mind thinking is like trying to put out the sun with a garden hose – it’s not going to happen.

That is why it is important to raise awareness and develop some equanimity; identifying and correcting negative habit patterns.

To become aware of our thoughts, they need to be witnessed objectively. This process of desensitisation allows anxious thoughts and feelings to exist without the reactivity and hyper-stimulation.

The more you meditate, the more comfortable you become sitting with uncomfortable feelings. Over time, you rewire your brain circuitry. The amygdala (stress response) shrinks, and the neo-cortex (memory and awareness) grows.

It is a self-care system that not only improves your mental health, but also builds your total work capacity. Gradually, your brain will learn to associate relaxation – instead of anxiety – with a situation.

Decision-making improves – the rational centres are recruited, improving logical thinking.
Focus increases – more is done in less time, out of distraction and into the here and now.
Promotes a state of free-flow – experience is optimised, which allows you to negotiate the days’ ups and downs effortlessly and elegantly.

If you practice calm, then your reactions will be calmer and more mindful; if you practice stress then naturally your responses will be an anxious and erratic. The transformation begins with you.

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