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Growing Awareness: Training Attention

Growing Awareness: Training Attention
November 14, 2016 Nick Gati

More information is coming at us than ever before and it is reducing attention spans. A short attention span limits personal perception, making it shallow and unsatisfying. Thinking becomes repetitive, uninspired and devoid of creativity; there is little space to discover new ideas and solutions.

Thought takes you out of the here and now and culminates in perpetual mental chatter. The thoughts cycle and begin to expand, creating scenarios, projecting, ruminating and altering perception.

Growing Awareness

Training attention is the best solution for developing present-mindedness and increasing focus. Instead of perpetuating habit patterns of the mind, you become a witness to them.

Bringing attention to the mind and observing it, helps to create space within it. Distance is created between the mind and the thoughts that fill it, which creates more objectivity. It’s like looking over your own shoulder to witness your thoughts, actions and reactions.

That space allows you to notice your:

Thoughts – past or future, helpful or unhelpful, looping or random. Having an awareness of your thinking develops your introspection, provides you with clarity and enhances your personal wisdom.

Emotions – your predominant moods, rational and irrational thoughts and internal reactions. Being in tune with your emotions provides you with a greater opportunity to control the space between stimulus and response.

Mental Positions – your beliefs, opinions and judgements; your understanding about yourself and others and the way you perceive the world. This broadens perspective and allows critical thought to override preconceptions.

Growing your awareness enhances your total work capacity by drawing you into the present. In an age of distraction, taking some time out to still and stabilise the mind, build your mental resources and develop mindfulness is essential. That’s why companies like Google, Facebook and Apple allow their staff time to meditate. It is part of their operations.

Meditation helps to maintain positive mental, emotional and physical health by improving recovery systems, increasing resilience and promoting balance.

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