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Here’s why your Org Training Program is incomplete without this skill…

Here’s why your Org Training Program is incomplete without this skill…
September 30, 2019 mmadmin

Whether you like it or not, this forms part of the new business economy; helping organisations better accomplish the tasks ahead.

As a human race, we are in better physical health than ever before. Yet at the same time, we are unhealthier, more than ever, mentally.

Is it possible that comes down to this?

A fast mind is dangerous;…a still mind is divine.

Minds are overloaded with information, distracted from multi-tasking: tab to tab on computers and devices all day; switching from task-to-task and ticking off to-do lists.

You may be a high achiever with a razor sharp focus and high ambitions, though you may need to C.T.F.O (chill the ‘f’ out) for a few minutes a day; before you B.T.F.O (burn the ‘f’ out).

Whilst this sounds simple, it isn’t necessarily easy. When you do chill out purposefully (not from exhaustion), the mind is full of ideas about what you should be doing; challenging the importance of your intention for quiet time; and questioning its merits – is it a waste of time?

And chilling in this instance, doesn’t include watching tv or scrolling through feeds – consider the stimulus the brain is getting from the screens…this isn’t relaxing for the mind.

Does your Training Program include stillness?

Corporate training programs are heavy with information and theory; much of which is necessary. Though what about the soft skills. Are these being taught to deal with the pressures and always being on?

There’s a powerful meta-skill which helps to respond to circumstances that present themselves (wanted and unwanted) all day; in contrast to blindly reacting to them, i.e. stress.

Counter-intuitively, stillness and silence helps to connect the different regions of your mind; for more of those ‘aha’ moments to occur. These often happen when on the toilet or in the shower. Scientifically, it gives the pre-frontal cortex of the brain (used for decision making & personality) a chance to relax, refresh and create space for new ideas. And this innovation; all organisations need to survive.

Naturally out of all this busyness, habit patterns are formed and the mind won’t easily let go of this sense of achievement. Yet, does it all really matter? In the pursuit of lifestyle, many often forget life. And this sense of go, go , go…is perpetuated within business teams.

So what can you do? 

Start small, but start. Include a framework in your training program that allows you and your team to tap into their inner resources. Take the smallest possible step in the direction that you wish to go. If it is to stress less, then what is the best skill or tool that acts as a stress buster? We have many ideas and tools for you to leverage.

NB. All of this cannot be known by rationalisation and intellectualisation, it can only be known though experiencing it for yourself.

The good news:

It takes a measly 10 minutes of practice, three times a week in order to maintain the mental, emotional and physical benefits i.e. lower blood pressure and better sleep quality. With 60% of corporate employees being sleep deprived, it is concerning to think how people get by day to day.

These strategies are used at all levels in the organisation. From induction, promotion to L&D; helping employees better accomplish the tasks ahead.

What I’m talking about is a framework that helps the mind be happier, healthier and less distracted. At the initial stages, it is about having a tool, a technique or an exercise; that keeps the mind engaged, attentive; with concentration helping you to master it.

Essentially, it is a practice of stillness and silence, helping you to ‘fall awake’ to the life that presents itself to you – each moment. Moment by moment.

And finally, it is without rival the best self development thing that you can do. Not only will it help to calm, focus and clear the mind; It helps to balance and purify your mind. And no amount of money, possessions or servants; can serve you more than your own balanced and purified mind.

It’s up to you…

From a corporate side, it is good for both: Your people and business bottom lines. And anything good for both, will spread like wildfire. It already is. Let your organisation be an early adopter and see for yourself.

Take action with an evidence-based methodology to prevent, maintain, improve and transform your organisations mental health.

Do something positive, practical and achievable at your workplace. You and your team deserve it.

Warm regards and be Happy!


Tomas Jajesnica,
Chief Meditation Officer,

PS. And yes, of course the above refers to corporate meditation – positive, practical and achievable methods to make 1% improvements. And 1% better every day, adds up.


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