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How To Meditate

How To Meditate
March 29, 2015 Tomas Jajesnica

How To Meditate

1. Sit comfortably upright and close your eyes.
2. Focus on your breath between your nostrils and upper lip.
3. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

Set up a timer for the duration of your session (minimum 5 minutes).

What Meditation Teaches

1. Mastery of the mind.

2. Morality.

3. Wisdom – through your own experience.

Measuring Happiness

Our lives are just made up of moments. From moment to moment…a constant flux, a constant flow –
changing, changing, changing. Let’s break up your yester-day into 1,000 moments. How many of those
1,000 moments did you spend happy? If the answer is 800, then your are pretty happy, however, you could
be happier.

How can you become completely Happy?

First and most importantly of all, you already are! Secondly, do what a happy person does for all of your moments. All you need to do is slow down and realize that you already are. If you are living in the present, then you are living with love. Most people live in the past or the future which is where depression and anxiety live together with ego. None of these can exist in the present. Only love, peace, harmony, happiness, freedom. None of these can be truly accessed from any other place or time than now. At Mr Meditate, our answer is to, guess what? Meditate. We recommend creating a habit of daily practice for at least 5 minutes every day! That’s a real commitment. Can you do it?

“If you’re too busy to meditate for 20 minutes, then you should meditate for an hour”

You have 288 * 5 minute periods every day. All we suggest is a minimum 5 minutes per day, everyday. Surely if you think this is something that will benefit you, you will find the time…right?

The continuity of practice is the secret to success.

How do you become enlightened?

See the ‘How can you become completely Happy’ section above and replace the word happy with enlightened.

Are you Happy? Peaceful? Liberated? Full of Love? Compassion?

If not, we wish that for you! May all beings be Happy!

You can rationalize and intellectualize as much as you like, until you experience it, you don’t know. This is the way it is, not necessarily the way you want it or don’t want it to be.