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Insight Into Uncertainty

Insight Into Uncertainty
June 22, 2017 mmadmin

Insight Into Uncertainty

Redundancies. Health challenges. Job security. Your financial future. Your romantic future. The future of life on earth. According to media reports, we are living in the age of uncertainty, and people are experiencing unprecedented stress as a result.

This is complete nonsense.

If human beings actually experienced stress as a result of uncertainty, we would all be dead, because we live surrounded by more uncertainty than any of us can possible fathom. Outside your window, billions of people are acting in ways that you can’t control. Forces of nature are moving in ways that you can’t anticipate. And trillions of cells within your body are interacting in ways that you don’t even acknowledge, much less comprehend. We are tiny specks of presumption suspended in a vast universe of uncertainty.

And yet all of this uncertainty has absolutely no power to make you feel anxious, insecure, or stressed out. Your thoughts about uncertainty trouble you, not uncertainty itself. And this means that there’s hope, because your thoughts are something you can work with much more easily than the universe itself.

People who believe that they need to know what’s going to happen to them are frequently paralysed. People who realise that they don’t need to know what’s going to happen release that frozen energy. Use it.

When you resolve a ‘need’ into a ‘want’, it always results in a lighter feeling, because believing that you need something you don’t is inherently stressful.

Stress beliefs tend to form clusters, so that you have a small grouping of thoughts on the same issue for example:  “I should know what’s going to happen by now”, “I shouldn’t have to wait to find out what will happen,” and “This shouldn’t be happening”

The unknown is not a scary place. This would disqualify it from being unknown. Uncertainty and the unknown are completely nonthreatening unless you imagine you know something you don’t. That’s when fear begins.

Understanding the difference between what you need and what you don’t need enables you to dispel this fear and take action. It also turns you into an example of clarity for those still struggling with their own uncertainty (which is really their certainty that something negative is going to happen).

Instead of covering up your stress – eliminate it! You will then be able to focus on what is in front of you in a healthy and productive way. It will have a positive impact in your life, and continue to do so.

This may seem like a large shift for such a small distinction, but relatively small differences in how you think can result in profound changes in how you feel and how you act.

You will most likely continue to hear that uncertainty is stressful, and millions of people will panic based on what’s taking place not in their surroundings but in their heads. Thankfully, through insight, you have the ability to remain steady, and that can give you leverage to help the rest of us.

And the best way to develop insight is through meditation. Reach out here if you’d like to explore evidence based methods for your workplace. It is a positive way to optimise individual and team performance.


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