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It’s Spreading Like Wildfire

It’s Spreading Like Wildfire
February 5, 2016 Nick Gati

Remember the old ways of working – lethargy, poor productivity and uninspired employees?

“This used to be the norm – but it’s changing.”

The solution lies in training attention – becoming focused, present and resilient to negotiate the day’s ups and days. When you’re balanced, calm and attentive, you produce your very best work.

Meditation is a strategy, a technique, and a practice that enhances all aspects of your performance; from your productivity, to your emotional intelligence, to lowering your stress levels.

Through taking just a few minutes to sit and watch thoughts arise and pass objectively, you create more awareness within yourself – able to pinpoint your reactions to situations, thoughts and emotions. By doing this, you’re able to look at the complexities of your mind from an objective perspective.

When you’re objective you see the world for how it is – not how you want it – or don’t want it to be. You get a clearer picture of your own personal reality, which allows you to be more relaxed, in control and on top of your daily tasks; unimpeded by caustic mind-wandering and distraction.

Why do employees Facebook, Apple and Google take time out to meditate? Because it gives them an edge! Taking some time out to meditate (even a little as a few minutes a day), allows you to still and stabilise the mind so it is less reactive, calmer and able to negotiate new situations with a fresh outlook.

By creating some space in the mind, you become more creative, inventive and able to problem-solve more effectively. As a result, it has become clear that:

“Meditation is good for both people AND business bottom lines. And anything that is good for both will spread like wildfire. It already is.”

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