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Looking After “Your Most Precious Resource”

Looking After “Your Most Precious Resource”
March 12, 2016 Nick Gati

Your mind is your most precious and valuable resource! It is responsible for your thoughts, feelings, creativity, happiness levels and of course, your performance.

It is always with you and you depend upon it to concentrate and get things done. Yet, most people spend more time looking after their appearance, their cars and even their hair, than they do their minds. So it makes sense to look after it right?

You rely on your mind for:

Logical ThinkingThis includes problem solving, decision-making and conflict resolution. To guide these processes, your mind needs to be calm, focused and clear – away from emotional reactivity, distraction and hyper-stimulation.

Emotional IntelligenceThis includes empathy, emotional regulation and self-awareness. By witnessing the functioning of your own mind, you gain valuable introspection into the human experience. When you are in sync with your own feelings and emotions, you more easily identify with and feel compassionate towards the feelings of others.

CreativityThis includes innovation, imagination and originality. As the mind stills, perspective broadens and past impressions dissipate in place of new ways of thinking. Clarity hikes possibility, impelling divergent thinking.

ResilienceThis includes patience, persistence and determination. Through deep observation, the mind becomes accustomed to dealing with challenging and hazardous thoughts. When confronted with negative emotions, new obstacles and any unplanned setbacks, the mind is more readily able to deal with those distractions calmly and elegantly.

HappinessPositivity, optimism and joy cannot exist in the past; they can only prosper in the present. By training the mind out of projection and rumination, it returns to its default setting – happiness. As happiness increases, you become more resourceful, autonomous and connected to those around you.

These functions can all be developed and improved, but they need to be trained – and the most effective training, is through meditation. It is without rival, the best self-development thing you can do.

Meditation is a direct, experiential practice that over time improves all facets of your performance.

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