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Lost In Thought? Consider this...

Lost In Thought? Consider this…
February 29, 2016 Nick Gati

The mind is designed to think, and you rely on your brain for a multitude of reasons. It helps you problem solve, find new solutions, think creatively and stay connected to yourself and the people around you.

There are good reasons for deep introspection – to think outside the square, examine situations from all angles, and to ensure you don’t dismiss any important details.

But what can easily begin as reflection can quickly and unknowingly develop into mind wandering, projection and rumination, which impede your performance in a number of ways. When your mind wanders, you;

Anticipate unlikely dangers – You forget the usual outcome and create a litany of hypotheticals; which become more and more corrosive the longer they are allowed to prosper. When stuck inside your thinking brain, even impossible scenarios seem destined to transpire.

Become distracted – It’s a common story for many people. A striking thought enters your mind, temporarily shunting your focus and taking you out of the task in front of you. You work less effectively, your concentration waivers and you become besieged by the daily deluge of distractions.

Feel worse – When caustic thoughts invade, they can set into motion a cycle of negativity, which can spiral out of control. It feels like an attack to the mind, and is the cause of much anguish in the office; halting productivity, lowering energy levels and holding happiness to ransom.

It is because of this, the mind needs a technique to short circuit mind wandering.

The best remedy for rumination is meditation – a direct, experiential practice that enables you to see those thoughts objectively, while simultaneously training attention to the present.

By bearing witness to the functioning of your mind, you become more in tune with yourself and the thoughts that both prohibit you AND advance you. When you develop this intricate personal understanding about yourself, you produce your very best work and create more opportunities for growth.

Your insight broadens, you build your personal resources and you’re more easily able to navigate the busy work day, with greater peace of mind, personal perspective and more energy to get things done.

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