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Meditation: The Business Case

Meditation: The Business Case
June 5, 2016 Nick Gati

The modern workplace is a busy space – work calls, conferences, meetings, phone calls, emails, projects and the steady stream of information transmitted through social media.

Companies are beginning to wake up to the benefits of a focused, resilient workforce and a positive, progressive culture – and to develop these organisational attributes, employees need to be equipped with a strategy.

Consider meditation; an accessible, practical technique that is already boosting the work power and bottom lines of pioneering companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple.

Business leaders recognise the importance in developing not only the technical competencies but also the soft skills of their staff – empathy, clarity and concentration.

Why has meditation become an essential part of operations?

  1. Boosts company productivity – employees are more attentive, alert and are able to more skilfully manage workflow. This enables staff to get more done in less time.
  2. Develops employee awareness – enhances ability to welcome new information, be attuned to work processes and recognise patterns emerging. This allows employees to be more effective and in sync with company goals and expectations.
  3. Increases emotional intelligence– encourages a spirit of openness, direct communication and creates a calmer, happier workforce. Employees worry less, feel empowered to give feedback and enjoy their time in the office.
  4. Improves mental health – A quarter of absenteeism is due to mental health concerns – stress, anxiety, depression and the everyday ups and downs that underscore their work. Meditation allows staff to be more present-minded and more conscious of the emotions that both advance and impede their performance.

Your staff are your most important assets, and when you take care of your staff, they will take care of your customers. That is why when good programs work, they pay for themselves many times over.

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