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Meditation: Why Bother?

Meditation: Why Bother?
March 29, 2015 Tomas Jajesnica

Meditation: Why Bother?

Meditation is not easy. It takes time and energy. It takes grit, determination and discipline. It requires a host of qualities that we normally regard as unpleasant and like to avoid whenever possible…so why bother?

It helps to purify your mind. Nothing can serve you more than your own purified mind. The objective is to learn to control your mind and step outside of the endless cycle of craving and aversion, two things that make you miserable.

You can only make radical changes in your life when you begin to see yourself exactly as you are now. Mental cultivation through meditation is without rival in helping you achieve this sort of understanding and serene happiness. No one can do more for you than your purified mind.


10 Benefits…

1.   Enhances energy, strength and vigour                 2.   Relaxes your nervous system
3.   Builds self-confidence                                             4.   Increases serotonin levels, influences mood and behaviour
5.   Helps control own thoughts                                   6.   Improved learning ability and memory
7.   Helps with focus & concentration                         8.   Increases productivity & creativity
9.   Provides peace of mind and happiness                10. React more quickly & effectively to stressful events

Meditation is intended to purify the mind. It cleanses the thought process and brings the mind into a state of tranquility and awareness, a state of concentration and insight. Civilization changes a person on the outside. Meditation softens a person from within, through and through. The greater your understanding, the more flexible and tolerant, the more compassionate you can be. You are ready to forgive and forget. You feel love towards others because you understand them, and you understand others because you have understood yourself.

It is knowing that something is true because you have experienced it within yourself, not from rites, rituals or scriptures. Meditation changes your character by a process of sensitization, by making you deeply aware of your own thoughts, words and deeds. Your mind becomes still and calm. Meditation, properly performed, prepares you to meet the ups and downs of existence. It reduces your tension, fear, and worry. Restlessness recedes and passion moderates. Meditation sharpens your concentration and your thinking power.

There is only one way you will ever know if meditation is worth the effort: learn to do it right, and do it. See for yourself.

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