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Mental Osmosis: From Distraction To Focus

Mental Osmosis: From Distraction To Focus
July 10, 2016 Nick Gati

To progress in meditation, it is imperative to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable – sitting with feelings of agitation, distraction and boredom in order to develop equilibrium and create awareness. Naturally, there will be many positive feelings too.

It’s like mental osmosis – moving the mind from distraction to focus. By meditating, you’re strengthening grey matter in the brain; boosting your competency and empowering you to work at your peak.

That starts with training attention and gearing yourself into the present – out of rumination of the past and projection into the future.

Over time, you begin to –

Identify corrosive thought patterns – Thoughts can advance or impede you. By witnessing the high-level functioning of the mind, you develop a much clearer, objective and non-judgmental view of your cognitive propensity.

Control the space between stimulus and reaction – You are conditioned to hyper-reactivity; allowing emotions to direct and override your experience. By stilling and stabilising the mind, you develop the habit of taking a step back and choosing how to respond – not being lead by negative thoughts and feelings.

Become happier & healthier – Happiness exists in the here and now. When you’re present minded, you’re more easily able to negotiate the days ups and downs. It takes you out of thought and into the direct experience of the world – not as you want it to be or don’t want it to be.

By breaking habit patterns and equipping yourself with these vital skills, you’re improving your experience in the office.

These longer streams of clarity propel your ability to

-Get things done
-Be more alert
-Be more in tune with yourself and others

And when you enhance these competencies, you enhance your total work capacity.

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