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Mind-Setting: Re-Programming The Mind

Mind-Setting: Re-Programming The Mind
February 27, 2017 Nick Gati

Your whole life, you subconsciously program your mind – interpreting the world, projecting, responding to experiences and simulating the future.

There is a constant interplay between the self and the mind: the self directing the mind, and the mind directing the self. When the mind becomes unbalanced, tension is created between the two.

For the mind to flourish, it needs to be properly programmed. Just like a computer, the mind needs the right software to have it running efficiently. When it is subjected to poor programming (negative thoughts, old habit patterns and beliefs) it can’t work at its optimum.

Similarly, when the mind is stressed, it is often overloaded with information and unable to keep up with the demands. For both to work, they require constant maintenance and continually clearing inessential information.

Witnessing the mechanics of the mind, and understanding your subsequent reaction is the key to creating space. You’ve got the opportunity to decide what thoughts will assist you, and which will prevent you from succeeding. You can then intervene or detach from thoughts that aren’t serving you.

Everyone has the capacity to lift their mood, inject more happiness and short-circuit mind-wandering before it becomes corrosive. The solution is simple, but not necessarily easy.

It starts by taking at least 5 minutes a day to clear the mind, rejuvenate and create clarity, you’re ensuring your most precious resource can work at its peak, and for longer.

Taking some time out each day can be initially challenging, but once it becomes a habit, it will serve you and provide you with an essential skill that touches all aspects of your experience in the office – happy, focused and in control.

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