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Navigating life’s ups and downs (Emotional Regulation)

Navigating life’s ups and downs (Emotional Regulation)
April 10, 2016 Nick Gati

To work at your peak, you need strategies to gear you into the present, provide you with solutions, and empower you to achieve optimum performance.

Emotions can affect you both positively and negatively. They can be constructive; allowing you to build your resources; or damaging and dismantling.

Your positive emotions:

Drive performance – when you’re happy, you’re more present-minded and alert. This gives you the focus needed to be productive, get things done and produce your very best work.

Improve health – your mind and body are inextricably linked. Positive people are less prone to serious illness, produce more antibodies and have more regular, healthy heartbeats.

Pilot prosperity – to flourish, having innate self-knowledge is pivotal. When you’re positive, you use your strengths to direct and drive your work and empower your personal capabilities.

While negative emotions:

Impair thinking – taking you out of a direct experience of the world and holding you captive to caustic, corrosive thoughts. Your personal reality changes, which disarms you and curtails your concentration.

Impel stress – much of what you experience is propelled by your emotional proclivities. When you’re subverted by your emotions, you project, you worry about the future and you feel lethargic.

Impede happiness – a calm, quiet mind hikes happiness, while a loud, cluttered brain jeopardises it. Happiness is the brains default mode, and by practicing meditation, you’re returning your mind to its natural state.

One of the most important skills in the workplace is your ability to regulate these emotions; and when you self-regulate, you work at your peak. You’re out of your thinking brain and into the here and now – free-flowing and in harmony at work. This enhances your time in the office, boosting your productivity, efficiency and ability to tackle the busy workday.

Once you understand your emotional inclinations, you’re better prepared to meet the ups and downs of life, with calm, focus and clarity. Equipped with these strategies, you can prevent the onset of stress and anticipate its emergence.

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