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Navigating Life’s Ups & Downs: The Present

Navigating Life’s Ups & Downs: The Present
July 31, 2016 Nick Gati

The present is where you’re best able to negotiate the external world. When you’re in the here and now you’re better able to monitor your thought patterns, identify feelings and use the information to advance yourself.

It’s no wonder companies are committing to developing present-mindedness in employees; providing them with the clarity, insight and focus that drives performance.

It is important to be present for a number of reasons:

It pulls you out of projection and rumination. When you are projecting into the future or ruminating about the past you’re living out an inoperable and imaginary reality. This can lead to anxiety, stress and depression – all major impediments in the workplace.

Mind wandering affects your focus, leading to feelings of distraction and agitation. These cycle and hamper your personal productivity. By allowing the mind to settle, you gain the clarity and insight to produce your very best work.

It promotes a state of free-flow. When you’re free flowing, your experience is optimised, you’re moved out of thought and you’re able to effortlessly manage your day-to-day. This increases your resilience and propels your ability to get things done, be more alert and be more in tune with yourself and others.

The benefits will come, but the skill of attention needs to be trained. Even five minutes a day is a perfect opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and re-focus the mind. When awareness develops, the mind is vitalised.

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