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One change, can change everything…

One change, can change everything…
April 3, 2018 mmadmin

Mental health is not only negative. We all have mental health – and we need to look after it, to nourish it if we want to function at optimal levels…and consistently.

And the best way (without rival) to maintain and improve your mental health, is to make small and steady changes to existing habit patterns.

Being mindful helps you to know what’s going on within you (your inner world) and the environment you find yourself in. It’s ‘meta’ attention…an awareness.

If there are things not nurturing you (like stress or anger), and you become aware of them, then that within itself, may give you the impetus to change these habit patterns. It’s a choice to do something about it and replace these quality with ones that serve you more. Make that one change, and do today what will pay off tomorrow. Start small, but start.


And the best way to cultivate mindfulness, is through meditation. It helps you to harness a balanced mind so you become more jovial, more cheerful as you navigate life’s ups and downs.

Meditation is not just a means to an end.
It is both the means & the end.

Yet, the hardest part is to prioritise the time amidst the busyness. The second hardest part is just starting. To maintain the benefits, it only takes 3 x 10min sessions per week – and that’s achievable.

Keep in mind that this is a ‘meta’ skill – one that improves all other skills! But don’t believe me. To truly know can only come from experience. Give it a proper trial and see for yourself.

And if your workplace is yet to start with these methods, reach out, we have plenty of ideas to share. The question is not whether your company will practice these methods or not, it’s whether they are an early or late adopter.

Meditation is good for both: Your people and Business bottom lines. And anything good for both, will spread like wildfire…it already is.

Warm regards and be Happy!


Tomas Jajesnica
Chief Meditation Officer



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