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July 10, 2017 mmadmin

Attention is a most precious gift. It brings meaning, connection and happiness in our lives.

Studies suggest attention spans are declining, distraction is growing, and we’re more concerned than ever about losing the ability to perform the simple but crucial act of paying attention. It’s one of the greatest concerns for current and future generations.

When you harness the power of attention, life changes in surprising ways: relationships deepen, experiences become more meaningful and things unfold with greater harmony.

Your attention is fragile and, by taking care of it in a few simple ways, it will reward you with the vibrancy of a full life. If you want to be more present, live more fully and experience the magic of life…take one moment, please.

The above is an excerpt from a terrific book called One Moment, Please by Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse.

There are many parallels with meditation and cultivating the qualities for greater appreciation and fulfilment.

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