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Progress...not perfection

Progress…not perfection.
February 22, 2016 Nick Gati

The mind is constantly engaging with thoughts, emotions and feelings. And when the mind is always on, it is inevitable that things like ‘stress’ will occur. Meditation is without rival the best technique to help you maintain a happy and healthy mind.

There are a number of key factors that will drive your practice and set you up for future success. Here are the biggest three:

Determination – Meditation will put you in direct confrontation with your thoughts as they sift through your periphery. Some days you will have storms (lots of thoughts, perhaps even agitation); other days your mind will be still and clear. What’s important is the awareness you’re building.

As you continue to meditate you’ll notice a myriad of benefits; from improved decision-making, to greater productivity, to increases in happiness and positivity – BUT, it requires some persistence. The more you notice and persevere through mind-wandering, feelings of boredom and agitation, external distractions, sleepiness and negative thoughts, the more mindfulness can take root and develop. It takes mental endurance to undo the internal clutter – but personal commitment will give you the most direct avenue.

Effort – As the old saying goes, ‘you only get out what you put it’. By creating the habit, and utilising your time effectively, you’re making the process easier for yourself. It can take a while to develop the habit, but if you create the time and stick to it, the results will come.

You must also remain realistic about it. There will be some days when you have other preoccupations, events that will arise and inevitable interruptions. Take it easy on yourself and simply try at another time or your usual time the next day. How you respond to any unplanned setbacks will hold you in good stead and help you to develop the resilience to continue.

Time – There is no way of fast-tracking stillness. The process will be gradual, it will have its ups and downs, and some days the effects will be ever so subtle, but over time the results will be uncovered. If you enter each meditation without expectation, an open-mind and a clear understanding of the prevailing process, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Take each sit as a new opportunity to develop some more calm, focus and clarity. Remember – you’re looking for progress, not perfection.

The continuity of practice is the secret to success. Meditation is transforming workplaces. To find out how, click here.


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