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Annie Harvey (Adelaide)

Annie Harvey (Adelaide)

Meditation Teacher

Annie works at the individual level, group/team level and the organisation level. She helps people maximise their wellbeing and resilience; and to work with purpose towards their goals.

This clear thinking and direction energises and empowers; it also supports sustainability in all sorts of environments; from Education to Health & Social Work, from Public to the Corporate sector.

Annie speaks at engagements, facilitates workshops, as well as trains and coaches – whatever approach or blend works for the specific need. On Nov 2017, she presented to over 1,000 people at the TedX Adelaide talk…WoW!

Based in Adelaide, she travels to all sorts of locations, internationally too. Annie brings an uplift to the spirits of employees with very simple, yet powerful, methods.

Yes, you guessed it – it’s meditation and laughter!

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