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Tomas Jajesnica

Tomas Jajesnica

Chief Meditation Officer.

Tomas is very driven to fulfil a mission: To make Mr Meditate and whole corporate meditation industry redundant in his lifetime. That day will come when employees are calm, focused and clear. Ironically, at this time, it is heading in the opposite direction with mental health being the highest growing medical concern. There’s a lot of work to do.

He believes that profits and meditation are part of the new business economy. Meditation is a productivity tool and a must for maximising success. Out of stillness comes inner calm, clarity, focus and the energy to accomplish the tasks ahead.

His vision is to empower organisations to become self-sufficient so they can incorporate meditation as part of their operations.

Tomas has taught meditation and participated in speaking engagements in 14 countries (and counting). Since 2014, Mr Meditate has run 500+ sessions for NAB alone and dozens more with other organisations.