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The Busier You Are, The More You Need This.

The Busier You Are, The More You Need This
January 14, 2016 Nick Gati

It is counter-intuitive to say that:

“When you are at your busiest is when you need meditation the most.”

During the business day, your mind is receiving and processing so much information, often leaving it feeling cluttered and fatigued. And when your mind is fast and tired, it does not perform at its peak.

By taking even just five minutes to refresh and recharge, you are stilling your mind and conditioning it to be calmer, sharper and able to process more information. It’s like slowing down to speed up.

This is because when you practice this exercise called meditation, you are observing your thoughts instead of interacting with them. You witness your reactions to them more objectively and non-judgmentally.

Each time you do this, you become more present-minded and less prone to making rash decisions.

As a result, you cultivate the invaluable skill of attention as a means of being more skilful, effective and focused at work. Click here to explore meditation in your workplace.


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