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Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Meditation

Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Meditation
January 27, 2016 Nick Gati

Higher Productivity – In taking some daily time out to meditate, you develop a greater level of focus and concentration, allowing you to switch on to the tasks at hand. Company success depends on an active, engaged and efficient workforce and through training attention to the present moment, mental resilience increases, which stops procrastination; utilising the best of the resources at hand.

Boosts Emotional Intelligence – By training the mind and observing what lies inside it, you gain a greater understanding of yourself; how you function, your personal preferences, your emotional triggers and your strengths and weaknesses. By seeing these thoughts within yourself, you can relate more closely and empathise with the people around you; being in tune with their emotions and adapting the way your work with them.

Less Stress – Enables you to be more presented-minded, unhindered by ruminations of the past and projections of the future. You have longer lasting streams of clarity and focus, which short-circuit mind wandering, allowing you to remain present and out of your thinking brain; which is responsible for the stress met at work.

Creates Mental Clarity – By slowing down the mind, you allow it some space to become clearer. This manifests in greater levels of creativity, innovation and allows you to problem solve and make more informed decisions while at work. It also enhances your intuition, recognising patterns and ‘blind flashes of obvious,’ which occur when the mind is stable and still.

Less Absenteeism in the Workplace – Stress, anxiety and depression are major causes of absenteeism in the workplace, with 1 in 5 suffering a mental health concern in Australia. By practicing meditation, employees are less reactive; more emotionally steady and are more objective about any feelings that arise in them. As a result, fewer days are taken off due to a mental condition, which ultimately boosts efficiency, increases morale and creates happier, healthier workplaces.

Create optimum performance and improve mental health in your organisation. Introduce Corporate Meditation in your office,  give it a proper trial and see for yourself.

Remember, it is good for both: people and business bottom lines. And anything that is good for both, will spread like wildfire.


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