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Train the Brain

Train the Brain
May 9, 2016 Nick Gati


When your mind runs wild it’s impossible to be calm, focused and clear. You walk in a cloud of projection, rumination or thought looping, and yet all of this uncertainty has absolutely no power to make you feel anxious, insecure, or stressed out. If uncertainty made you stress, it wouldn’t be uncertainty. It’s your thoughts about this uncertainty that stress you. Even though you cannot control what thoughts come into your mind, you choose what you do with them.

As you begin to observe (and accept) the state of your mind, as it is, it starts to settle. This is because you are not engaging in the thought, you are witnessing it – like a fly on the wall or from a drone.

Practicing these practical and achievable techniques will help to retrain your brain and allow it to return to its natural state. And in that state, live all the qualities that we desire as human beings. In this natural state lives happiness, peace (of mind), freedom, truth, love, compassion…amongst others. And when you’re happier, you perform better (in all aspects of life, even work).

In fact, in just 8 weeks of daily meditation training, the shape of your brain starts to change shape (neuroplasticity). The mind adapts to what is being practised. It’s up to you what that practice is. Choosing stress will permeate to your face, your muscles. In this state, your mind and body contract.

If you practice, calm, focus and clarity, the grey matter in your brain starts to increase in areas associated with memory, emotional intelligence and resilience grow.

Meditation is like a mental gym for the mind. Start working out and reap the rewards. It’s up to you. And just like with physical exercise, no one can do it for you.

To find out more about corporate meditation click here. Consider introducing it to your team. There are workshops and programs designed to help achieve desired business outcomes.

Feel great, meditate!


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