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What is meditation?

What is meditation?
March 29, 2015 Tomas Jajesnica

Everyone seeks peace and harmony. From time to time we all experience agitation, irritation, dishar­mony. And when we suffer from these miseries, we don’t keep them to ourselves; we often distribute them to others as well.

Have a code of living which respects the peace and harmony of others, developing control over the mind & insight into one’s own nature, by which it is possible to free the mind of negativities.

—Research shows that meditation can be the key to good mental and physical health, resilience, fullness of living, healthy relationships and for functioning effectively in daily life. —It can uplift and transform lives and is the doorway to inspiration, creativity, peace of mind, love and wisdom.

—Meditation has become increasingly popular over the last fifty years since finding its recognised place as a beneficial form of therapy, a valuable approach to self-development and spiritual transformation. —Perhaps most important, meditation is now respected by doctors, psychologists and educators as a powerful tool for working with and uplifting the mind and emotions.

It is the best self development thing you can do. The only way you can benefit from meditation is by meditating. You can rationalise and intellectualise as much as you like, you will only know through your own experience.

“Thank you very much for this introduction into meditation and laughter exercises…very well explained – the background and how & what to do.”
Mathilde – Yoga Instructor and Hostel Owner, Colombia

“A relaxing end of another day. Sometimes I even managed to concentrate on the spot above my upper lip.”
Hella – Medical Doctor, English & Rhythm Teacher

“Thank you for the meditation and laughter class! It was a new and really great experience for me. At the beginning it was a little bit hard to get into the meditation as I had many thoughts arise, but after a while it works because of your good explanations. I will continue to practice when I return to Germany. Thanks for the new insights .
Carmen – Traveler

Meditation in Everyday Life

Seated meditation is the arena in which meditators practice their own fundamental skills. The game the meditator is playing is the experience of his or her own life, and the instrument upon which he or she plays is their own sensory apparatus. Even the most seasoned meditator continues to practice seated meditation, because it tunes and sharpens the basic mental skills they need.

Meditation that is not applied to daily living is sterile and limited.

Create the habit of taking time out for yourself each day and you will gradually start seeing the differences. You will be more present minded and that in itself is the best place to be. It will revolutionise the whole of your life experience. Those periods of seated practice are times set aside for instilling new mental habits.

Patiently and persistently, you are bound to be successful. . .bound to be successful.

It’s simple. . .the continuity of practice is the secret to success.